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We have completed installations within houses, large office campuses, hotels, data centres, and schools. We are happy to work in any environment; we have even worked installing Wi-Fi within large complex industrial freezers in the past!


Our in-house management team offers an end-to-end service, including full site surveys, design, H&S advice and planning, implementation, management, installation and handover documentation. Any element of the end-to-end solution can be completed separately. For example, If you would like us to design a wireless network but your building already has existing cabling, we can design and install using the existing cable infrastructure utilising the management team tasks outlined above.

  • Wi-Fi, running slow, difficult to connect or no coverage? We can attend site, complete a survey and submit a report with upgrade/installation recommendations. There is no project too small, there may be a survey fee which would be based on the size and location of the required survey. Connex use the Ekahau Pro suite of tools, for further information click here.


  • Do you require additional data cable, cabling performance slow or faulty? Depending on the size and location a survey may be required. We can then submit a survey report/quotation for the upgrade or correction of the existing network. Our engineers will install based on your needs, so if out of hours work is required then that’s what we'll do.

  • We can design and install bespoke structured cabling within any environment. We also offer our services anywhere within the EU. Our core line of business is data cabling and as a data cabling company, we are happy to offer any cabling solution. Many items connect to data cabling (Wi-Fi, CCTV, Hospitality devices, PC’s to name a few), and many devices connect to items connected to a wired network (via Wi-Fi AP’s, Free Space Optics etc

  • As the desired speed of networks increase end devices need upgrading to keep up. access points need to be upgraded, wireless networks need to be re-designed to meet the current standards (while ensuring coverage is maintained for slower connections). CAT5e cabling, which is installed in most locations as a standard can connect at 90 meters to a speed of 1,000 Mbps, and while this is fast we perceive the next generation of hardware will require 10,000 Mbps (currently installed in many data centers etc.). We already install fibre cabling capable of an excess of these speeds OS1/OS2/OM3/OM4 etc.


  • As per data cabling Wi-Fi standards/speed increase yearly. Currently, 802.11ac is a preferred standard which gives a maximum data rate of 6.93 Gb/s (using multiple antennas), however, other standards are already in planning and the 802.11ac standard is only just establishing itself.

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