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Ekahau Pro

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Connex Network Solutions Ltd has been an Ekahau Pro user for a number of year. While other WiFi tools are available Ekahau Pro has quickly become the market leading WiFi suite of tools. Ekahau Pro is used for design, testing, troubleshooting and reporting for all WiFi systems/manufacturers.

Connex offer the following WiFi services, utilising Ekahau Pro including Ekahau Connect and Sidekicks. Connex holds multiple licenses and full survey kits:



Design, our design team will discuss the clients requirements, to include the number of clients, throughput, applications/hardware being used on the WiFi, environment, hardware to be installed and many other scenarios to create a fully featured wireless design.





Confirmation of design, once the design has been created/issued the AP installation locations need to be confirmed. The design is based on criteria gathered (regarding the installation environment), the installation environment needs to be tested to confirm the design is accurate. To confirm the design is accurate we will complete "AP on a stick" surveys. The surveys are completed by configuring an AP with the same criteria as the proposed installed AP, the surveyor will then attach the AP to a tripod and conduct a site survey measuring the signal strength at multiple locations. The tripod is used to hold the survey AP at the proposed installation location (to ensure the survey is accurate). A report will be created showing each of the proposed AP installation locations by freezing the surveyed AP at each of the proposed installation locations to build a full detailed report. The survey at this stage will also show any installation environment issues and existing WiFi, which could alter the proposed design due to external interference or channel saturation.

Installation services, Connex Network Solutions Ltd (unlike others) offer a full design/installation service. Our cabling engineers will attend site and install any new or relocate existing structured cabling to the AP installation locations. Installation, termination and compliance testing of copper and fibre structured cabling to design. Upon cabling installation completion our engineering team will configure and install the AP's to the design. Switches, routers, gateways and other LAN/WAN hardware will be installed by the engineering team and all hardware will be connected (patched). Post installation compliance testing will be performed to ensure the WiFi is configured/working as expected.

Post installation surveys, every WiFi installation will require a post-installation survey. The survey is required to confirm the design meets the clients expectations, WiFi and associated configuration is correct and give the client a visual representation of the new WiFi and included with the handover documentation. 

Troubleshooting, Connex Network Solutions offer a full full WiFi diagnostic service to include Ekahau Pro surveys, packet capture and spectrum analysis. Our engineer(s) will attend site to complete survey works to establish why your WiFi isn't performing as it should. Any reports issued will include details of any issues/faults found and any rectification works required to correct the WiFi. Connex offer an onsite diagnostic service where required. In some scenarios WiFi will need to be configured "on the fly" to meet the clients needs. Any WiFi correction remedial works needing additional hardware or cabling can be quoted and actioned by Connex. Where configuration changes are required these will be indicated within the reports issued and if required Connex can complete the changes for the client.

Complete WiFi Installation service, unlike others Connex Network Solutions Ltd offer a fully featured WiFi installation service. Design, supply, install, commission, manage and fault find are included in the services we offer. Connex will complete an initial assessment and quotation free of charge. All works completed hold systems, workmanship and hardware warranties.

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